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CERAGEM is a global healthcare company that designs and manufactures amazing health products for home and medical use. Flagship products are the Class IIa medical devices - CERAGEM Master V3 and Reflax - thermal therapeutic massage beds that help with so many health issues.

CERAGEM Science combines chiropractic-based massage, heat, jade, far infra-red rays, and acupressure effects. The therapeutic massage beds help to relieve pain, align your back, reduce stress and tension, help you to sleep better, and give you an energy boost.

At CERAGEM, we believe that the best way to demonstrate how great our products are is to let you enjoy free sessions. There is no better way than to actually experience first-hand and see the health benefits for yourself.

"I thought I'd have to pay for sessions but it's free!"

No, CERAGEM started in South Korea over 17 years ago. There are now ~2,700 CERAGEM centres in over 70 countries. Millions of people all over the world regularly use and benefit from CERAGEM.

The safety and efficiency of the CERAGEM Master V3 and Reflax have been approved and certified by the BSI.

You may not have heard of CERAGEM because we don't advertise; it's all by word of mouth. If you're uncertain, we have many testimonials to share with you.

Doctors who know and have experienced CERAGEM love it and many Doctors recommend CERAGEM to their patients. If your Doctor does not know about CERAGEM , please feel free to pick up a leaflet for him/her so they can know more.

"I went to the doctors and showed him a Ceragem leaflet. The doctor said to me, "Keep on going it is very good."

It depends on your condition. Some people choose to check with their doctor first by taking a leaflet and showing it to their doctor or by referring their doctor to this website. We advise those who are unsure to check with their doctor first so that they have peace of mind when they do come along.

40 minutes. Session times here

The more you use CERAGEM, the faster you will feel better. In our center you have the opportunity to experience the effects of CERAGEM daily (except Sunday).
Those who have a CERAGEM bed at home can use it several times a day and benefit more by combining different massage programs and positions.

Your body wants to help you, regardless of age or conditions. Come to CERAGEM and let your body do what it wants to do best: make you feel better.

Results will vary depending on your health conditions, how long you have had the condition or injury, your age, the kind of work or sports you are involved in and lifestyle choices you make. We advise you to use CERAGEM as much as you can and not to miss this golden opportunity.

The UK currently has two CERAGEM Centres; one in Preston, Lancashire and one in Peckham, SE London. You are very welcome to come along. People travel from all over to try CERAGEM for free.

"I passed by so many times and daren’t come in. I thought it was too good to be true... Once you come into the Centre, you realise there is no catch. The staff are happy, helpful, and polite. I feel very welcome, nothing is too much trouble."

No. You just come to CERAGEM. We operate on a "first come, first served" basis.

No, you do not have to remove your clothes - only your coat, shoes, belt and any large items from your pockets such as keys, loose change and wallet. There is a basket under each bed for you to safely store your belongings whilst you enjoy your free session.

Anytime is a good time during our opening hours. It is best not to come right after a heavy meal with a full stomach or if you are extremely hungry.

Yes, CERAGEM does not interfere with any other health care practices.

We advise you to wait for 3 months after surgery and then check with your doctor.

No. The bed is designed to make everybody feel good. If you have an underlying problem, you may not "feel" good after first using the bed, but the bed is still benefiting you and putting you on the path to good health.

Your body weight determines your optimum personal pressure. Lighter people apply less weight. For your comfort, we can use padding if you wish or if you are concerned. We want your experience to be comfortable.

Yes, many overweight people use the bed and in fact many people have lost weight after using the bed. One case even lost 15 pounds in three weeks simply from using CERAGEM.

No age limit; in fact, taking care of your health should start as young as possible. So far, the youngest person who has come to CERAGEM Preston is 14 months old and the oldest is 95 years old. Everyone is welcome - if you are under 18 please have a parent or guardian with you when you come.

You are very welcome to come to CERAGEM. Individuals will need to be able to move their own body weight. If you cannot do this, please bring a carer who can assist you. We do not help you transfer.

CERAGEM beds are BSI approved and Class IIa medical devices. We are not aware of any side effects. Many doctors are familiar with the benefits of CERAGEM and are recommending patients to come to our Centre. If you still have concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor about using CERAGEM products.

Far infra-red is a specific type of light that is not visible to the naked eye, but can be felt as warmth. It is the type of heat that we receive from the sun and that our bodies generate all the time - that's why our bodies love it. Far infra-red is used in incubators to nurture newborn babies.

Far infra-red is not only safe, it is essential to life. We depend on far infra-red to stay alive. All of our essential bodily functions depend on far infra-red heat like keeping our blood warm and circulating, maintaining a strong immune system, etc.

When we absorb far infra-red, our blood cells move faster. Active, moving blood means better circulation, better healing, better detox, and better cell regeneration. Better circulation means more oxygen in your blood. Oxygen-rich blood is the best way your body will reduce swelling and inflammation, heal tissue and take pain away.

Our bodies will absorb all the far infra-red it can to boost its' ability to perform all these function. Far infra-red IS NOT ultraviolet (UV). Remember, all premature babies are put into incubators that use far infra-red to save and support their lives.

The CERAGEM Therapeutic Massage beds use far infra-red from solid jade and epoxy carbon panels as it closely resembles that generated by the body.

CERAGEM is for anyone and everyone who wants a better functioning body, more energy and quicker recovery time. Healthy people maintain better health and very often improve things even more.

CERAGEM is the athletes' choice for natural performance improvement and recovery therapy. CERAGEM was used by Olympic athletes in Beijing and in other sporting events. We've helped dancers, fitness trainers, bodybuilders, swimmers, runners, hockey players, cyclists, golfers, acrobats, footballers, rugby players and many professional sports men and women to do better and feel better doing what they love.

Yes! Some people coming to CERAGEM cannot afford to buy a bed at the moment. You will always be warmly welcomed – our priority is your health and happiness. All we ask is that you show kindness towards others by telling them about CERAGEM that way we can all be healthier and happier.

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