Clinically Proven

CERAGEM Master V3: Clinically proven

"Significant or complete improvement"

CERAGEM Master V3: Clinically proven

The CERAGEM Master V3 has been clinically tested and approved.

The findings of an independent clinical study, carried out by the Allied Health Research Unit at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), demonstrate that the CERAGEM Master V3 is effective in significantly reducing back pain.

The results showed significant improvements in back pain, discomfort and stiffness; 68.75% of participants experienced definite or complete improvement... and that was only over a 3 week period. Imagine what CERAGEMcould do for you.

Safety and effectiveness

CERAGEM: Worldwide certifications for safety and effectiveness

The Master V3 is different to most other automatic massagers and is a 'Class IIa' medical device. CERAGEM has received accolades and worldwide certifications for safety and effectiveness.


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