Experience CERAGEM at Home (ECHOM)

Too busy to visit CERAGEM?

Is ECHOM for you?

Too busy to visit a CERAGEM centre ? Not able to visit due to illness or disability?

How about hiring a CERAGEM Master V3 with our special ECHOM (Experience CERAGEM at home) service?

Try CERAGEM at home...

The whole family can use the CERAGEM Master V3 any time, night or day, in the comfort of your own home.

Feel the amazing effects on your wellbeing, before deciding to purchase.*

... before deciding to purchase*

"Wow! This car drives really well. It’s a diesel so it’s a bit noisy but it’s a good buy!"

"This apartment has a nice layout but I can hear the noise from the apartments above and below... I need to think about it more."

* There's absolutely no obligation to buy.

I'm interested! What do I do next?

ECHOM - Experience CERAGEM at home

To experience CERAGEM in your home, simply Ask us for more details, or call us on Preston 01772 200018.

We are always very happy to help you.

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